DoorControl vs GarageDoorControl driver capability

I'm trying to make my ABC app more compliant to HE capabilities. Scanning the docs I see there are both GarageDoorControl and DoorControl capabilities and they appear to be identical. My app currently uses DoorControl but I would rather not have to change it in the future and would prefer to pull the band-aid now if needed. Since they are no official guidelines for drivers yet, I'm hoping you can recommend the right capability to use for Garage Doors.

When I write a driver that implements one of these capabilities, I always include both capabilities to make sure Apps will work either way.

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This one!

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Dang...I was hoping you didn't say that one.
Thanks for getting back to me.

I always assumed door control is for utilities like our office’s powered, automatic door. @mike.maxwell, is that a correct assumption?

Yeah, sounds right!

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