Doorbell + hubitat + lock

Is there any existing way to make a popup come on my phone is a smart doorbell is rung that will allow me to unlock a door?

For instance, I have occasion where I'd like to "buzz in" some guests easily.

My preference would be a nest hello and when the bell is rung to have some kind of popup or integration where i can quickly unlock the door after confirming in video who it is.

The reason for the best hello preference is that i heavily invested in nest cams and thermostats already. But I'm willing to use any vendor for the doorbell.

I'm under the impression if i had a Yale lock i could do this right from the nest app, but it's more of a pain to change out the lock (already have 3x schlage smart locks).

Looking to do something similar, but want to verify i can do this before buying a doorbell
Thanks in advance

You can setup a notification to your phone each time the doorbell rings, and you can unlock the door from your phone, but AFAIK Hubitat doesn’t support actionable notifications.

In other words, you can’t setup a notification that also allows you to tap on it and unlock the door.

Edit: actually it’s probably possible to do something like this if you setup pushover notifications, and add a link to a rule machine local endpoint url trigger. With a rule configured to unlock your lock when that endpoint URL is hit (when you tap the link in the pushover notification).

Not the most straightforward thing for a new user to setup, but it’s possible.

I did similar that opened a dashboard with only button was to open garage door. It looks like mine had an extra step.

Maybe do something with IFTTT and custom Nest commands?

The issue with Google stuff is you are never sure when they will decide to discontinue something.. I rarely recommend any Google devices anymore other than the Nest smokes and Thermos.

If you have an Android phone you could do something with Tasker - intercepting a message then calling up a special dashboard otherwise with Apple maybe "Automations"...

Although I'm not a developer... I am PM of an api integrations team, maybe one of the developers can point me in the direction of how to do something like this.