Door unlocking and locking itself Garage door opening

Tonight, 2 of our door lock one ZWave and one zigbee were unlocking and locking on it own several times then our garage door (ZWave relay) opened

Not sure what to make of it but what were be the best way to investigate this?

I am not saying we were hack because our Hubitat is setup to link to our iPhone HomeKit and my wife think it possible her butt did all this while she was at work

This is our setup
Hubitat iPhone beta app
Maker API
Hoobs Homebridge

I look at some logs and I think Hoobs did record the events but I couldn’t tell where it coming from if it and I think it all change event to report the changes of events to iPhone.

What else would I need to look at to determine what had happened tonight?

Is it still happening? Did you try resetting all devices that can control it and see if it stopped?

Might need to slowly build it up and see where it happens. Try something like:

Day 1: Only Hubitat and app
Day 2 (if no random on/off): Enable Maker API and Homebridge

It only happened for 15 or so minutes last night then stopped.

have not reset or reboot any of the devices because I was afraid to lose valuable information which could pinpoint the cause of all this events occurring last night.

My wife told me that she added some shortcut from Homekit to her home screen which I didn't know you could do this so it possible she butt unlock/lock both door and opened the garage door. I blocked access to her iPhone when this was happening last night then it stopped. I unblocked it right before she got home so she could get into the house.

We are still not sure what causes it but if there a log or a way to see if it coming from her iPhone that would help us a lot to narrow it down to her butt doing all this. :stuck_out_tongue: