Door Sensors Combined

i been having issues with one of my door sensors. I think it has something to do cause it is so far away (its in my detached garage). it is a zwave sensor. I had a spare zigbee sensor laying around so i put it on the door also.

I want to setup a rule that works like the combined presence sensors.
Door sensor 1 and door sensor 2 are both open then trigger a virtual door sensor for open. Otherwise Virtual door sensor is closed.

Then i want to add the virtual door sensor to HSM

You should fix your mesh issue, if you have z wave mesh problems then for zigbee probably will be worse(speaking for a detached garage), I suggest adding repeaters.

Fully agree! Shouldn't need to do this and adds unnecessary complication. Adding a zwave mains powered device between hub and sensor should be first step.

Let us know if you need more help.