Door not unlocking when arriving home C7


This worked once to unlock but did not lock front door. It doesn't work at all. I set when I arrive home to unlock the front door but if I go through the garage and open the laundry room door, it will lock the front door.

I'm on platform ver.

turn on logging and see what it says during trigger and actions

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Thanks for the prompt response. I just turned on the logs. I'll see what happens when I get home.

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I think you're having timing issues within your rule.

The first two actions are

Unlock: Front Door Lock
Wait for event: Front Door Lock unlocked

What are you trying to accomplish here? If you just want to make sure the Front Door is unlocked before sending the notification then I think Wait for Expression would be the better option. Once the Wait is satisfied your rule will immediately execute the next two actions within milliseconds. I think that's happening much faster than you can open the Garage and Laundry doors. Instead of IF-THEN use

Wait for Expression: Garage Door, Garage Laundry Door all contacts open
Lock: Front Door Lock

Is there a certain amount of time you want to wait for the doors to be open? If so, there's a different application for the Wait.

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