Door and Sensor Help - Rules confusing a newcomer

Good afternoon everyone! I recently purchased and have setup my Hubitat hub but now trying to figure out how to setup rules for my front door.

I have 2 devices:

  • device > front door lock
  • device > front door sensor

I'd like to setup the following rule but very confused on how to get there. Here's what I'd like to setup:

-When the front door unlocks (device > front door lock), lock the door lock 1 min later.
-If the door is still open (device > front door sensor: status - open) to stop the door from locking until the door is shut (device > front door sensor: status - closed).
-If the door is open for more than 5 minutes, sent a notification that the front door is still open.
-If the (device > front door sensor: status - closed), then lock the door 1 minute later.

Again, I'm a bit confused on how to set this up in the Rules. Can anyone can assist me and point me in the right direction? This would be much appreciated.

I have a rule that does almost this exact same thing.

Let me know if you have any questions

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I missed the part about notifications. This might need to be a few rules to get the additional notifications, maybe the notifications app

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Trigger: Lock unlocked

This is a rough guess to get it all in one place

Send notification โ€œdoor openโ€ > delay 5min cancelable
Wait for event door opened > time out 1:01
Wait for condition door closed
Cancel delayed actions
Lock Lock

Is "S-Front Door open" your sensor or door?

It is the door sensor. Not the lock. My rule only runs when the door is opened

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Awesome!! Thanks for the quick reply. I think I just got the rule setup correctly.

If it is working correctly, please share the final product!

Wasn't able to get the notification working so reverted to the previous code you supplied. Will try this weekend to get notifications to work.

Let me know if you run into any problems. I am happy to help