Don't understand system event (resolved)

Started to see a message in System Events that I don't recognize. It's "es3ZoneRefresh" From the description it sounds like it's related to Geo Sync from Hubitat App. I believe I had turned this function off but the recent IOS upgrade may have defaulted to on. I turned it off (again) and will have to see if there are any more events. If it's not from Geo location, any ideas what generates this?

That appears to be an event generated by the Echo Speaks 3 code:

(Why, I can't tell you. But this should help you figure it out, since I don't think it's the Hubitat mobile app.)

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After playing around a little, you are absolutely correct. Just curious, do you have some kind of search tool to search all of Hubitat App codes in GitHub or just remembered it?

No, I just guessed that "es3" may have stood for "Echo Speaks 3," remembered that Echo Speaks had a concept of "zones," and the searched the most likely code file (which I otherwise found by hand) to confirm my suspicion. So, lucky collection of things I guessed. :rofl: