Done causes stuck on green circle

I just added 3 new WiZ color bulbs and whenever I try to save scenes with them and hit 'done' I get permanently stuck with that green circle icon. I've rebooted the hub a couple of times, but it didn't help

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Similar. Didn't add any new devices, just added a few existing devices to a scene. I press done and there's the green spinning circle that doesn't go away. Rebooted and still can't edit the scene.

Any idea. I have many scenes and use them extensively. Tried the Room Lighting but it isn't sufficient for my needs. As is a good portion of our home automation is not able to change.

@gopher.ny I think you were the lead on Wiz integration? Any ideas for :point_up:

I sort of found a way around it by clicking "Re-Capture Scene" and not hitting "Done" at all. Then using the hamburger menu to exit the screen

What is the firmware version on the hub?
This sounds like an issue we ran into (and resolved) a few 2.3.3 updates ago. If the hub is not on, could you please update firmware and see if that fixes the problem?

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In my OP my hub was current (so whatever the latest update was for the date of the post).

Currently running and created a new scene to test. As soon as I hit 'done' I received same exact error. The scene will not load, either. Just perma green loading circle.

I'll have to revert to a backup and recreate the scene without pressing 'done' to use that particular scene

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