Dome window sensor pro

Has anyone tries these devices. I picked up some in the past week and one can broken. When I contacted dome they stated there is a software issue with the pros and wants to replace them all with the non-pro.

The model on the box is dmdp2.
The ones that aren't clearly broken have worked great over the past 4 days.



I've only seen the DMDP1 so they must have released a version 2 of the pro and screwed something up...

You're better off getting your money back instead of letting them swap the pros for the non-pros which are a lot older and don't report temperature...


As an update Dome has confirmed there is a problem and are not manufacturing them further. This is why they offered sending the non-pro as they don't have any Pro's.

They offered for me to keep the pros I got while sending giving me the non-pros. As a company they are trying to do right so no fight there.

I guess, I will do a little more testing to how bad these actually are or I can use them still on door/windows that rarely open.