Dome Siren

I have a Dome Siren that is giving me issues. There are some old posts where folks mentioned the same issue but I found no solutions.

What happens if I turn siren on there is a delay before it comes on. Then when I try to turn it off there is a longer delay.

In the device settings there is an option for alarm delay, but it is off. There is also an option to change the alarm volume, but no matter what I set it at it always goes back to loud.

The driver is apparently a built in one so I can't look at that.

You've probably seen my comments in those other threads too. I haven't noticed a delay when turning it on, but it is nearly impossible to turn off while it is on.

Yes, I've seen your comments. I agree it is almost impossible to turn off. Very annoying. The Chime function seems to work just fine, on and off quickly.