Dome Range Extender Not Showing in Repair List

@bravenel, @mike.maxwell I have a DMEX1 Dome range extender that does not show up in the list when a repair is done. My other 2 extenders ZW117's do show up in the list. I am using the Dome Range Extender driver.

If I change the driver to the Generic Z-Wave Repeater then it shows up in the repair list as active.

Add: With the Dome driver the Current States just shows Switch: On or Off. With the Generic driver the Current States shows powerSource: mains

Just saw this error in the logs.

dev:28362020-01-25 12:46:57.332 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: GenericZWaveRepeater.logsOff() is applicable for argument types: () values: [] Possible solutions: notify() (logsOff)

That might be something to report to support.

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Thanks, I should have put bravenel's name in there. I will do that.

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You might want to include Mike Maxwell too.

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@bravenel, @mike.maxwell Is this a bug in the built-in driver for the Dome Extender? As I stated above the Generic works except it doesn't have the switch part like the Dome driver does. Also the generic driver shows the powerSource: main and the Dome driver does not. The device shows up in the z-wave repair if I use the generic driver but does not show up in a repair if I use the Dome driver.

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I am trying to understand why there is not an answer from staff. Perhaps someone else who has this extender can ask why the Dome driver is not showing active in a z-wave repair.

No offense but you posted only 8hrs ago on a weekend ....
Give folks a break. Everyone deserves a weekend :blush:


I know what you are saying but this goes back a long ways. I have posted a few things that some of the staff was flagged and they never responded to any of them. This all stems from a post I had about HS and they said I was being stubborn. It looks as if I should have never made the comparison. Many people have expressed their dislike for RM4 and how they don't understand or like it. But they still seem to respond to their posts. They have responded today for other people. So the time frame is not the problem.

Can't speak to the rest of your post, but the Generic Z-Wave Repeater driver doesn't have a setting to enable debug logging, so this would have just been a scheduled event leftover from a previous driver that did (as you may know, stock Hubitat drivers by default disable debug logging after 30 minutes, including when a device is first added). It should only happen once and not actually cause any problems.


Not sure what you're asking here.

@mike.maxwell Mike, this whole thing is just about the Dome built-in driver vs. the Generic Repeater driver for the Dome Extender device. When I use the Dome built-in driver and a repair is done the Dome Extender does not show up as active in the repair log. When I use the Generic Repeater driver and do a repair the Dome Extender does show up as active in the repair log. So all I was trying to ask is why the Dome Extender doesn't show up if I use the built-in driver. Is this something in the built-in driver that is missing? Or is it a problem with the device?
BTW, thanks for answering the post.

One other thing I forgot. The generic driver shows powerSource: mains only in the current states and the built-in driver only shows Switch: with either On or Off which is manually chosen.

Not sure what the deal is. Repeaters don't need a driver to function as repeaters, so it doesn't matter which one you use.

Ok, I do wonder why you have a specific driver for that device if it doesn't matter which one is used. Just curious. The only thing I can see that is different in the Dome driver is the ability to turn off the LED that encircles the device. Is that the only reason for this driver? Thanks