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Hi I am new to Hubitat and just migrated over all my devices from Wink. I have a Dome Mouser though that for whatever reason, after arming it, inevitably 4 hours later the contact sensor switches from closed to open which disarms the device. There is no corresponding motion activity, so it is not a critter that is triggering the event (and the catch LED never lights up). I'm not sure what is wrong if it is the device or if something is causing it to open on its own. Wink always listed the device as armed for what it is not sure where to begin.

I am seeing the same problem thought it was a problem with the trap.

This is on the compatible devices list, so I'm assuming you are using the built-in driver, instead of a community driver? Tagging @mike.maxwell since he would have written the driver, and may have some insight to the issue with this device.

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I am indeed using the built in driver. I have other dome products (Water Shut-off Valve, Leak Sensors) and they all seem to work just fine.

It will be a driver or device issue. Brand has no bearing on it. Hopefully Mike has some insight that will help you figure out what's wrong.

The brand was more a commentary on the fact that it looks like all the Dome products were added together in a single flurry last year (based on my searches for a solution) and that they aren't exhibiting any similar anomalies :wink:

This device is made by Shenzhen NEO Electronic CO.,LTD (Neo Coolcam) for Dome. The latest model is WiFi from Neo Coolcam. If you cannot get the Dome to work, you can replace it for just $30! No driver for HE, but it will still kill mice and notify you that they're dead.

1 Like says it integrates with Alexa and Google Home...which if it does, might just fit the bill (although I'm not a fan of wi-fi devices). At that price though...good find.

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Well it has been 12 hours without a disconnect. Only thing different I did was exclude it, reset it, and rediscovery it,,,.time will tell if it sticks. Will let you know.

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Well that's cool. I should have asked that first. I would suggest you always exclude and factory reset Z-wave devices when removing them from a hub, before including again.

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I actually did the same procedure when I initially added it.. shrug Still closed after 12 hrs though.


So still no more issues with the Mouser. I did see that there was a minor code change in the latest HE firmware that speaks to the motion sensor in the Mouser, but i don't think that was my issue. Did get a "catch" the other night..a Camel Cricket wandered into the Mouser was fried and jettisoned its rear legs before crawling away. The trap definitely fired this time though as the LED was blinking.

@revquixo I just picked up a Dome Mouser and seem to be having similar issues like you were having originally. It's funny I just loaded the trap with peanut butter after joining it, (device always shows disarmed) while reading this post on the device I went out to the garage and low and behold the light was blinking and there was a mouse in the trap. After unloading the trap I had to force delete it and exclude, I then reset it and joined it back in but still sitting there with disarmed state even though its armed. I'll play around with it again tomorrow and try the procedure again while watching the logs.

  • deviceType: 3
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x5A,0x73,0x80,0x71,0x30,0x85,0x59,0x84,0x70
  • deviceId: 260
  • manufacturer: 543

Let it sit over night, excluded it again and reset the trap, re-paired it to the hub and appears to be working, I see the status change from armed/disarmed and contact state change, think where I have the trap out in the garage the zwave signal isn't making its way to the hub. Seems to go dead after awhile, might need a z-wave repeater/range extender.

Yeah my initial thought when reading your first post was that perhaps it was at the edge of your z-wave mesh and not getting consistent readings. Mine has been rock solid, but it is also in my basement. Only issues I have are crickets setting it off instead of mice. On the plus side though, haven't seen any evidence of mice this year, so win-win I guess. :wink:

@revquixo It's my only Z-Wave device at this time, moved it to another location in the garage and seems to be checking in now. Think the z-wave repeater will help. So far converting over to Hubitat has been a great experience, the local processing is so nice to have, not looking back at my time on ST.

So weirdly my Mouser has some serious Z-Wave range issues lately. It will only stay active on the hub (flipping the closed/open power switch to check status) if the mouser is within around 5ft of a powered Z-Wave device (such as a light switch). I don't recall having such range issues previously with it. I have rebuilt my z-wave network so I'm not certain what if anything has changed.

Will probably need a repeater.

bought an Aeotec 6 Range Extender..Mouser is happy again,,,reporting its battery level periodically so I know it is awake.

Just ordered one of these. At 30 bucks with free shipping from China to Thailand it's much cheaper than importing a z-wave one which would top out at 100 bucks with shipping. I wonder what it would take to create a driver for this WiFi version?!?

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