Dome Motion Senor active/inactive every 30 secs (approx)

I have a dome motion sensor.
Was working fine, but the last few days it started detecting motion and then going inactive within a fraction of a secondm and repeating this about every 30 seconds.

Any ideas?
The battery shows as 8 (I do not know if this is high or low)

That is extremely low and is most likely actually dead. It probably has enough juice to try and start up, but then it dies and tries to start up again. I would change the battery and you should be good to go.

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Since it's a 0 to 100 reading, that's very low. I've found some sensors to be sensitive to the voltage fall off of batteries. Although they remain 'working', they exhibit odd behavior because of the drop in voltage. This is especially prevalent when using rechargeables, which have a different voltage drop off curve than the non-recharables. When I use a rechargeable in my Aeotech Multisensor, it does the same thing.

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