Dome Leak Sensors with Hubitat

Hi, While I am not new to Home Automation, I am new to this community. As a matter of fact, I have yet to migrate to Hubitat. I first started with Wink and am currently still using Smart Things.

As is, I have Dome Leak Sensors and Shut off and they worked well with ST. That said, I have also noted that Dome seems to have exited the market??

If that is indeed the case - Dome going out of Business - will all their devices become bricked with ST and with Hubitat or will they continue to work ?

Sorry if this is a stupid question

No, they will still work, assuming you are talking about the Z-Wave sensors they are known for.

Z-Wave devices do not need to (and natively cannot, unless they have something else like Wi-Fi built-in -- I can think of one smart lock that does but not much else -- or as allowed by whatever hub you might be using them with) talk directly to the Internet. It works within radio distance of your hub and any Z-Wave "repeaters" you may have. So, the manufacturer going out of buisiness wil have no effect on your ability to add (or remove) the device to your hub or continue using it.

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Z wave dome leak sensors work with hubitat. I have several working now.


Great to know. Hopefully they will continue to work for years to come Thanks everyone.

I own about 50 leak sensors. At first I hated the Dome sensors because of their quirks and finicky pairing. They are very sleepy, but that gives 2-4 years battery life and I have found them to be very very reliable leak sensing. So much so I just bought 4 more off Ebay. When it comes to detecting leaks I need 110% reliability.
PS- when you first pair them they don't report all current states at first, it takes some time for all the attributes to populate. I have all mine on my C4 hub, so not sure how they might do on a C7 or C8 hub.

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