Dog Feeding Rule

I would like to get notifications if we forget to feed the dog. Currently I have a Smarthings multisensor on the lid of the dog food container and it is set to to be used on a garage door (XYZ Events on).

I need to get a notification at 7:00a if the lid has not been opened in the last hour and at 8:30p if the lid has not been opened in the last hour.

Thanks for the help

Give this a try.

Trigger:  6am or 7:30 pm

Send Notification (delayed 1 hour - cancleable)
Wait for event - Action event from the sensor (timeout 61 minutes)
Cancel delayed actions

You start the rule when you want the time range to start. That way, you're waiting for the dogfood container to open to cancel sending the notification. If it doesn't it send the notification after 1 hour.

I'll try and test it tonight.

You do NOT want to do Cancel Timed Actions. that will cancel your periodic triggers as well. You can to Cancel Delayed Actions. If you cancel timed actions, it will work tonight but tomorrow it won't work. You'd have to go back in and save the rule again to get he schedule to come back.

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Got it.