Does Track Dimmer Still Exist?

Trying to get Lutron Aurora working, using what a "Track Dimer" or "Track Event Dimmer" action, described in RM docs as:

Track event dimmer works along with a Condition or Trigger Event of “Dimmer level”. When this dimmer level event causes the rule to run this action, the selected dimmers are set to the same level as the dimmer that triggered the rule. This can be used in automations where a group of dimmers follow another dimmer as it changes level. The typical usage for a Trigger is to have a Trigger Event of “Dimmer level >= 0”, and then Track Dim as the action.

Where is this? Don't see it under dimmer actions... What am I not doing?

Never Mind...It is reached as an option under another action...*
A bit confusing, took quite some time to fine.

You might want to try using the Mirror Me app instead. That was specifically designed for devices like this.

Thanks. I've done it. A little delay, but smoother. I wonder about the advantages and disadvantages of using apps vs. rules. Certainly using apps prevents a long list of rules.

And will cover you for all situations, on, off, color change, color temp, dimmer level....just about any attribute you want to sync.

Do you know if there is a way to enable and disable a Mirror Me app using a virtual switch? I've been looking to set up a Track Dim but failed to find the function and found this forum.

I don't always want them in sync, but so I want to enable and disable it from the dashboard. Unlike with Rule Machine, I can't pause the rules.