Does this work with hubitat?

Does this work with hubitat?

Yes works great as a sonos speaker.
even modded it to use external speakers but that mod is a little difficult and unless your really good with a solder iron and willing to risk wrecking the speaker I would not recommend the mod.


alr bet

I have been using a Symfonisk speaker for years with Hubitat. It works amazingly well, especially for Text To Speech, using Hubitat's built-in TTS engine.

Just wanted to make you aware of how Hubitat's TTS engine works...

  • The first time a TTS request is made by an app, Hubitat reaches out to Amazon's Polly service which converts the text into a small audio file. This file is stored in a cache area on the Hubitat hub.
  • Subsequent TTS requests for the exact same text, will simply use the cached result, thereby avoiding the need to use the AWS cloud (i.e. Local TTS with no need for internet!)

If the TTS phrase includes something like the time of day, thereby making each phrase unique, then another Amazon Polly cloud request will be made.

If I recall correctly, Hubitat has a finite size limit on their TTS cache. Thus, eventually very old TTS cached results may get flushed once the cache is full.


Works well, connected mine via wired Ethernet

This is a very helpful explanation. Thank you

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