Does the La Crosse weather system work well with Hubitat

It’s like 60% off

It looks and sounds a lot like the EcoWitt devices that are supported via a Community driver I now look after. I may be biased,,,, :slight_smile:

Since it apparently connects to WiFi, it might be possible.

Does the weather station have an option to upload data to an external server?

They appear to resell EcoWitt in Oz....

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I haven't looked at these lately, but the last time I did there was no option to upload or store the data elsewhere - good for point in time information, but didn't see a way to integrate with anything else.


So many of these weather stations are made by the same parent company, then just get customized with whatever firmware the company selling it puts on them.

I had a Lacrosse a LONG LONG time ago, and bought a seperate bridge device that made it upload to weather underground. That was about the limit of at least 10 years ago.