Does the built-in Mirror app support 2-way mirroring?

I have 2 switches, and I want them to always have the same state.

Basically, I want to mirror A -> B and mirror B -> A.

I'm a bit wary of setting it up with the Mirror app and create an infinite loop: B -> A -> B -> A -> …

So, I created an A -> B mirror rules, and dealt with the B -> A mirroring through my own rule in the rule machine via an XOR condition: it only makes a change if the states of A is different from that of B.

Is that type of logic built into the built-in Mirror app?

I don't want to just try it and risk locking up the hub with an infinite loop in case the answer is no.

Thank you.

The hub, by default, will only process a change event if the state is different.


if A turns on, it'll send an ON command to B
if B turns on, it'll send an ON command to A

if A or B are already on, nothing will happen, thus preventing a loop