Does RM support delays between device operatons


Considering moving from Smartthings to Hubitat. I've read the documentation and watched the vides but it not clear how much granularity there is for device op. I'm of the school where it's desirable to have a real world appearance of lights going on/off as if someone was home walking around.


I do this very thing when we are away.


You have to have a rule call an action (which is like another rule with no trigger) that has a delay.

I would prefer a sequence of events style result. rule engine supports this.


There's an app for that (a couple of them, actually). You can setup delays between rules in Rule Manager. My vacation mode consists of 4 different rules that all trigger randomly and delay each other randomly and then 2 static rules that do things like toggle my living room and bedroom TVs on and off at random times in the evening.

MUCH better than anything I could ever accomplish in ST.


Thank you all for feedback