Does Orbit work with HE?

Sorry, new here. I posted in a closed topic my question below and would like to get help here.

I ordered two(2) Rachio 3s and having trouble similar to the earlier posts here; status updates.

So, I’m thinking of returning the Rachios and purchasing Orbit either 12Z orbit #57950 but would get along better with the 6Z 57946-B .

Q) Does the include HE include app for the Orbit #27396 work with the 57950 12Z or 57946 6Z ?
Q) Does the HE dashboard allow turning zones on and off with status?
Q) Does the HE dashboard see status if zones are turn on or off with the Orbit phone app
Q) Where is the scheduler in the HE Orbit app or the Orbit phone app
Most likely we will use traditional Valves only.

Thanks, you guys have put a lot of work into the Orbit.

Surprised because most people recommend Rachio over anything else here.

The community integration: [RELEASE] Orbit BHyve Integration says it works with the 12 and 6 zone controllers

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Rachio 3 Thats good news. I'm having trouble with it no status on dashboard if zones on or off via phone app or Rchio unit. I can live with that, just have to decide to only use the HE dashboard which status works ok if using dashboard to on and off. But where is the scheduler then, in HE or Rancho 3?

As I responded when you first asked this is the Rachio Community thread, yes, you can absolutely trigger on Rachio valves opening and closing. If you can't get dashboard tiles to act as you'd like, then create virtual valves and show those. I use the Rachio mobile app for scheduling but can easily trigger on zones opening and closing in HE. I've used this for several years now.

The Orbit thread you posted to isn't "closed."

Thanks HAL9000 the message I got is post over there were closed. Good news I could get back over there? for help. I would really like to keep the Rachio 3s but started to have trouble with their scheduler. May just be a learning cure hi hi. again thanks for the update.