Does Lutron Aurora need Hue Bridge doesnt register pushes

I purchased a pair of these buttons because HE compatibility implied it did not need any additional hardware.
It paired in seconds to HE. But does not register pushes. Also, the LED blinks 2xs which the documentation says means bulb is switched off.
Do I need to group the button with the light I am trying to control? Or do I need a hue bridge?

These can be paired directly to HE without the need for a Hue bridge (I have four on HE and four on Hue). Anytime you see two blinks, there is a communication problem. I would suggest following the instructions for resetting and then try pairing again. After you get the fast blink acknowledgement and save the device in HE, go ahead and press the configure button on the device page.

For the Auroras on HE, I use the built-in Mirror App to tie them to groups of bulbs I've created in the Groups and Scenes App or individual bulbs.


it worked, I took three attempts of pairing again.

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