Does it Matter - Good thing? Bad thing? Just another thing?

Will Hubitat embrace?
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I would certainly like to hear HE view or intention on this protocol. It appears that all the major players are embracing this standard, Google, Apple, Amazon et al. BTW this CHIP standard is now called MATTER and from what I have read it doesn't replace any communication discipline like zigbee, zwave or wifi, it is all about the user interface to the devices and hubs.

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I don't see this, or Thread. being very popular for a long time. From what I understand, Zigbee is free. Matter/Thread (both?) apparently require a fairly substantial fee to use it. There is no incentive for Zigbee device manufacturers (especially the cheap Chinese mfgs) to swap over. They drive a majority of the market right now.

Besides, you have the whole XKCD problem shown above. Nothing is going away, just more stuff added.


A decent FAQ on Matter

Exactly my thoughts

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