Does Hubitat support the new Zooz ZAC38 800 series extender?

It does have power failure detection and notifications. Also claims a range of 400 ft. Just wondering if these features will work or require a custom driver for C7/C8.

Zooz says it will work on hub platform version 2.2.9 or newer (which you are likely running by this point) but that a custom driver may be required to access advanced features. A community member has developed such a driver here if you find features you want that are not available with whatever built-in driver it will choose offers:

It should be noted that the range and repeating functionality are not affected by driver choice.

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Already got you covered :upside_down_face:, as already posted there is a driver created for it.

There is a powerSource attribute which will change if it goes to battery power. You can create whatever alerts / rules you want based off that attribute. It is pretty quick to send the message in, so you would know right away.