Does Hubitat show energy usage on Z-Wave devices that support it?

I just ordered a GE outdoor switch for my pool pump which it says shows energy usage on it, like real time power usage, etc. I know with HomeSeer and some others you can get pretty granular with reports, being able to see how much power a device like this has used over a set time period and so on. If I connect it to Hubitat can I see things like that, or does it support it? Just trying to figure out what system I want to connect it to. Thanks!

If it's anything like the Zooz Power Switch, that information is certainly surfaced on the device page as shown below. You can then display it on a custom tile in a dashboard.

Beyond that, I bet there are many solutions not necessarily native to Hubitat that can capture and log that data. I looked around and found the best solution for me was to use a Maker Event in IFTTT to add a row to a Google Docs spreadsheet that collects data on all my monitored switches. I have a RM rule to trigger this at the end of each day, and to reset the counters on the switches at the end of each month.

But I bet you'll get replies with many more ways to skin the cat. This just seemed easy to me.


The current driver for the ge outdoor switch does not report power data.

If the devices capable I would love for it to report that.

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