Does Hubitat have a real support system for new customers?

I can't seem to find a real person who can hold my hand. I'm not stupid but I'm also not a coder. I have read tutorials, watched youtube videos and even tried to post for help and received some answers from two really nice people. But I don't think they actually work for Hubitat. So is this product only for people who want to do their own configurations and learn on their own how to do it? Or is there a service where an actual employee of Hubitat can take my problem and walk me through a solution? Because this world looks a lot like Homebridge and even Hoobs which was too computer savvy for what my needs are and when I tried to get help there wasn't an easy way to get it.

Here's my OP: How to add a “private” device? - #3 by jabecker

Hubitat does have a @support_team. However, the user community is a significant component of support.

I read @csteele’s response to your original question. He was encouraging you to install something called “Hubitat Package Manager”, often abbreviated as HPM, and then to use HPM to install the Weatherflow Tempest integrations that you needed.

It seems you are stuck at not knowing how to install HPM. Totally understandable for someone starting out.

Can I suggest you start by reading the Hubitat Documentation?

Especially focus on the section about adding custom apps and drivers. That will help you install HPM, which is a custom app. HPM simplifies adding many other custom apps and drivers.

I know it all seems intimidating. But hang in there - we were all there once. Make use of the community - there’s a lot of people who will take the time to help you if you’re patient.

In the time since I posted this, @csteele has posted a video describing how to install HPM in the original thread you posted in. That’s a great illustration of how helpful this user community is!


I created a Video that shows the step by step on an Empty hub. I wiped one of my hubs and show the Installation of Hubitat Package Manager and then using it for the first and second time.

It moves quickly and viewers will want to be even quicker on the pause button. :smiley:


I actually prefer use of the community for answers to problems and rarely use the videos etc. There are some very knowledgable users on here who will assist with issues. The staff are lurking on the forum and will often provide answers even when not tagged directly.


Welcome aboard! Glad you've joined the smart home platform where thousands of non developers ejoy elevating their environments with Hubitat Elevation. Using the Hubitat platform doesn't require any coding skills. We offer many built-in solutions for every skill level. If you feel overwhelmed by the flexibility of our platform, I strongly recommend starting with our easy to use drivers and apps. Once you get acclimated with your new hub and connect some devices, then you may want to explore more advanced drivers and rules engines. Depending on what devices you plan to use, I suggest selecting devices that have been tested by our engineers. For more details, please check out this document: List of Compatible Devices | Hubitat Documentation

To start building automation rules, I recommend checking out the Basic Rules app that comes preloaded with every Hubitat Elevation hub: Basic Rules | Hubitat Documentation

Using the built-in features gives our users a powerful automation platform that far exceeds what is currently offered by other smart home platforms.

For more advanced users, our community offers additional features that are simply limited by one's imagination (and technical skills,) however navigating through the countless offerings may seem a bit overwhelming at first. As you can see, our active community members along with Hubitat staff are here to help users like yourself getting the best of their automated home experience.