Does Hubitat Elevation support Legrand Netatmo and Somfy Tahoma integration?

I just got started with Habitat and have a lot to learn.
I brought the device assuming it will work with the Somfy RTS and the Netatmo Legrand light switches but have not been able to find a way to add those.
Does Habitat not support those devices?

Welcome to our community! For built-in integrations that have been tested by our engineers please check out the List of Compatible Devices. If you cannot find the integration or driver that you are looking for, a community integration may exist. The list of drivers that are maintained by community developers can be found here:

Also, the search function :mag: at the top of the page can be a useful tool to narrow down to a specific driver that you may be looking for:

Somfy Tahoma search:

Neither Legrand Netatmo nor Somfy Tahoma lines have been tested by our engineers. You may want to check out the above thread for the Somfy Tahoma line.


Thank you. I searched for the US Tahoma and the Legrand Adorne with Netatmo without success. Seems the only posting is using the Tahoma Switch (Europe). Surprising as these are fairly common devices in the US.
I have about 82 switches and 16 shades to automate so was hoping to use Hubitat to do so. Appreciate the help.

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