Does Hubitat allow for separate, distinct customized dashboards for different people in the same home?

One of the biggest issues we're having at my home, and why we're consdering switching to Hubitat is that my wife and I couldn't be more different in how we want to control our smart homes. When we've tried setting up in Google Home, Smart Things, and Alexa, we find that when you "invite someone to your home", you have to share all the same settings and routines. And the dashboard is not customizable at all. At first glance, it seems like when devices are set up locally on Hubitat that everyone in the house can connect to it separately and create their own unique dashboards. Is this accurate??? Just wanted to know before dropping the $135 and starting over from scratch.

That is correct. You can create individual Hubitat Dashboards and share the link to respective dashboard with anyone you'd like. They don't even need to be added as users or have access to the main hub.


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