Does HE Alexa app work only in the US?


Alexa app does'nt work for me, with italian version of Alexa.
I've installed it (Hubitat 5, latest version), created a virtual switch, exposed to Alexa (in the Alexa app): Alexa do not see the switch. I used app, the adroid app, excluded one by one the connected echos, reset them and so on.
I do'nt know of any italian who succeded in using Alexa app.
It's me or it's the app?


Amazon Echo App (Not to be confused with the Alexa App for your phone or tablet) is for a country that doesn’t have the Amazon Echo Skill for Hubitat available. If Italy has the Hubitat Skill available in the Alexa app, then you can use either the Amazon Echo App or the Amazon Echo Skill on the Hubitat Hub, but the Skill is the preferred way.

It’s confusing and the names don’t make it any easier to understand. Look here for more explanation.


@SmartHomePrimer I know. Italy has not the skill. This is the reason why I need the app.


So then there is nothing about the country that will prevent the Amazon Echo App from working. It is simulating a Hue Bridge for device discovery. There are maybe network topology issues in you home preventing this from working.

Long threads here with that subject, as some have no problem and some struggle to get it working. You might try a reboot of both the Echo and the hub to see if that helps.


It does'nt help in my case. I tried more than once.


Then you have a lot of reading to do


I red all topics I could find. I'm not saying it is HE. The problem is that I do'nt know what to do more. Until I cannot integrate with Alexa (I have my wifi inwall switches driven by Alexa...) HE is quite unusefull for me.

Any suggestion about?


Can you describe your network devices and how they are connected? It is impossible to make suggestions without knowing how things are connected on you end. The possible configurations are almost endless.


CISCO SG300 28 PORTS -> wired ethernet -> CISCO SG110D 8 PORTS -> HUBITAT V 5
Echo g 2 wifi and Echo spot both connected to the same AP
The AP is connected to the CISCO SG300-28


Is the router going into the 8 port switch or the managed SG300? If feasible, I would try putting HE on the router's switch (if it has one built-in). Routing over the Ethernet layer is not possible, it must by done on the TCP/IP layer and this might be your road block.

If spanning tree is enabled in your SG300 switch, I would disable it. Not needed for a home network and it might cause issues with discovery.

Try also discovery with only one Echo plugged in at a time. There was discussion around determining which is the master. It may be that having only one plugged in (you'd have to try both, one at a time) will change the result immediately, or it may take time for the master to present itself. However, it is likely the one that is your oldest Echo. I have two Echos as well, and I know that my v1 Echo is the master (although I no longer use the Amazon Echo app because I don't need it).


Done: nothing change

Done: nothing change

Done (but not with the above config): no way

EDIT: last suggestion, with just one Echo at the time and the above settings: still not working