Does disabling a device from the Devices page also disables connectivity to the radio?

Does disabling a device from the device page have any effect on its z-wave connectivity?

I had a power blip today that killed two older GE Z-wave switches. I have replacements on the way, but trying to figure out if I need to remove the devices entirely or not. I have a feeling the answer is yes, but wanted to double-check.


But in your case, if the switches are dead, they have no connectivity already, or am I misunderstanding something?

Nope, you are correct and I think I was overthinking things. I need to just go do a repair on the devices that were hopping through them.

Welp...nothing was routing through them. Got all worked up for nothing.

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Just a small follow-up in case anyone randomly stumbles across this thread later on. The switches were not actually completely dead, but they were stuck in a power cycle. This turned into the two switches constantly sending z-wave status updates. Luckily, since they're GE, they have the air gap that I could just pull to shut them down for the time being.

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Zooz and Inovelli have that too.

Not trying to prove any points, just adding that for anyone that stumbles by later and asks themselves that question.


Not all. I have several Zooz switches/dimmers that have no air-gap.

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To address your initial question. Disabling a device from the Devices page has no effect on its radio connectivity, whether the device is Z-Wave or Zigbee. Although communication between the respective radio and the hub stops, the device continues to communicate with the radio in the background.

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