Does dimmer Fade-up over time wait in RM?

This is software with a RM 5 app that has been working OK for a while. It has a "Fade up over time" action that used to wait until the fade completed. With the current software the fade happens, but the rule immediately continues to the next step, which breaks the rule overall.

Is this a change in behavior that is intended ?

If the behavior is as intended, what is the right way to have a rule that basically does

Step 1) Fade up a bulb over time
Step 2) When the fade is done, do something else.

Here's the app:

The bulb color is set, then the Fade starts, and immediately afterwards the following step in the rule occurs:

Here is a more complete log:

@bravenel do you know was something changed with the fade up and was it intentional?

@fair.rob a work around would be to add a "Wait for Events" (or Conditions) right after the fade to make the rule wait for the level to get to a certain spot before it is moves on.

It's always done it this way. RM doesn't wait for any action to complete, it just runs actions one after the other. A Fade Over Time action entails delays, so the app instance exits and the fade step method is run every so often until the fade is complete. But, meanwhile, having fired the action, RM will have moved on to the next action.

Ok in that case, Rob you will want to use a wait. Here is an example I have which make sure the fade stops if the user turns the switch off manually, or adjust the level to max (button 3) before it is done.

You could have it wait for the dimmer level to be >= 50 for your case.

Thanks for the info @jtp10181 , @bravenel . Its odd how it ever worked, but it's easy enough to update.