Does anyone know why power meter condition is not working with the aeotec switch 7?


The switch is saying its at 0 in the automation when its at 16 I even refreshed the page still saying its at 0 in the automation


Is it actually "not working" or are you just wondering about the display? The real time it matters is when that action is reached. This is just supposed to help you when you're writing or editing the rule if you happen to want to see how things would run if they were evaluated right now. Having (at least) action logging enabled and keeping "Display current values" on for that rule will show you in Logs what actually happens when that particular action is reached.

As for this issue, maybe a cacheless reload (Shift+F5 in some browsers) or toggling the above setting ("Display current values") would force a refresh.

the automation is just not working it turns off the switch even if power is above 3

And what do Logs, filtered to just this app (rule) -- and maybe also the device -- say?

lol I found the issue mixed them up with 2 devices with the old device I used to use with it sorry