Does anyone know what this is?

My nephew sent me this asking if I knew what kind of bulb it was. I have no clue. Im inclined to think its some kind of sensor. Does anyone have any ideas what it is?
pauls bulb

Looks like a motion sensor with recessed mount.

Maybe a Fibaro?

Edit: whose ceiling is it? Can he ask them?

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That was my thought. It's my nephew. He's not into this (at least not yet). I asked him for some more specifics. He hasn't responded yet. It is installed in the house he just bought. I don't think he can contact the old owners.

Its not a fibaro.... looks like a chines something....

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Looks ominous.. Like an movie evil AI


If it starts moving and following me like an eye, I'm moving.



It's very hard to tell from the picture, but I can make out:

  • A recessed can
  • An eyeball trim (that's what that round thing that moves is called)

Usually you'd expect to find a lightbulb installed in one of those. Is that all it is? Maybe the inside of the eyeball trim is blue?

Only way to know for sure is to pull out the mount and take a look at the device.

Pull it and see

What’s the worst thing that could happen?




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Google has spoken: It's a circle.

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I believe it's maybe related to this device...

It's from a company called Sauron Industries Inc, based in Mordor. Sorry I don't have a link or a barcode.


I kind of remember a long time ago seeing a Wi-Fi bulb that was designed like this, white LED on the end with a ring of colour "ambience" LEDs on the base.
But no idea where, when or who it was, so unless he can find a manufacturer/model number on it, he's probably SOL.

There was also a cheaper one, kind of a copy, made by Saruman Electronics. Shorter range, fewer features, kind of a wannabe version.


How big is it? If it's an inch or so in diameter, it probably isn't for lighting. If it's 3 inches, it probably isn't a motion sensor.