Does anyone know of an app that will do this? (Flash lights on mode change)

I have a couple of switches (4) that I want to repeatedly turn off then on when a mode changes from one to another. I want them to switch back and forth until the mode goes back to normal. The purpose of this is to flash the lights outside my house to draw attention to it in an emergency. I am really surprised this is not already available as a built in. I looked at repeat action in RM but couldn't get it to turn the light off, so it could turn back on again.

Personally I do not use or have tried it.
This may do what you want.

The flasher app should work fine. But if you wanna do it manually via RM you could do:

Repeat every 2 seconds
Turn on switch
Delay 1 second
Turn off switch.

I use this to alternate between 2 colours (scenes) which the flasher app can’t do.

Doesn't HSM support this natively?

Yes HSM does support it IF the switch supports the flash function, unfortunately mine don't

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Thanks I will see if that will do the trick

Cool. Yeah let us know what you end up with. This made me realize a few of my switches I have to "flash" in HSM aren't actually flashing, so I might need to follow where you end up.

Played with it a little bit this morning. The idea that bendarklighter appears to work mostly. I tried it on two switches and they do not flash together , almost tho. so far I just used a change of mode to trigger, I haven't figured out how to stop it yet, except to stop in the rm

In RM you can specify how many times you want it to repeat. That would limit how long it kept repeating, stopping the repeat.

There might be some delay if you list the switches separately in RM. Mine are hue bulbs on the bridge and there's a big difference in how it syncs when setting the colour of the light group vs activating the scene directly on hue. Trying making a group and activating the group instead.

Here's my rule if you wanna use it to make it stop. I use a virtual switch to start and stop the flashing


Thanks bendarklighter I will give it a try. Going to install a couple of door latches so I will be busy with them for a day or so.