Does anyone know if there are Xiaomi Mi light sensor drivers?

Hi there.
I've looked in the Xiaomi driver list but didn't see any driver for the Xiaomi Mi light sensor, so am hoping that someone out there knows of some (or any trick to get them going)? I've tried the Mijia drivers but I don't get any reading.
I stupidly bought this in a rush and didn't realise I bought the wrong one. It's from Banggood so not going to bother sending back. If need be I'll get the Mijia one.

Just to be sure, did you hit the “Configure” button after you changed the driver?

There was no "configure" option. Only an initialise. I just tried that again but still nothing. I get "counter", "batteryLastReplaced" and "presence" states, but not lux.

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I am using Markus's Zigbee - Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor (Zigbee 3.0) driver.

  • model: lumi.sen_ill.mgl01
  • firmwareMT: 126E-2388-00000015
  • manufacturer: LUMI
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Yup, using same one. Is this working on a Xiaomi Mi for you?

Yes, it worked for me for at least 6 months, without a single drop in the connection.

If you delete the device now and pair it again (a new Device ID will be assigned), is the driver above selected automatically? Or the illuminance sensor pairs as a 'device ' and then you manually select Markus driver?

I have 2 using that driver and 2 using @chirpy's driver from [RELEASE] Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches Driver

All 4 of mine exactly match that model/fw/mfg.

I've never had issues with them since I added Ikea Trådfri plugs as Zigbee repeaters.

Mine came from some seller on banggood or aliexpress.

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I have a second Xiaomi M light sensor that was paired to Xiaomi gateway until today, I've just paired it directly to HE.

It took me 3 attempts to make the pairing successful... The first two attempts were made far away form HE hub. The result was wrong (negative!) battery level reading and non-sense illuminance values. I deleted the device, then started a new pairing procedure close to the hub ( ~ 1 meter away) and the light sensor inclusion was successful this time.

Both Markus and Chipri's device drivers work OK.

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Sorry for the delay in post... family absorbing my time.

I just want to make sure, are you all referring to the Xiaomi Mijia or Mi? I have the Mi which is giving trouble. I tried removing the device and pairing again, also at a closer location. Paired fine first attempt and automatically selected the Mijia driver. But I still don't get any lux reading. I feel the Mi device is not supported and I'll have to get the Mijia.

Are you sure there is a difference? A search for the Xiaomi Mi light sensor shows something that looks identical to the MIjia, and this review of the "Mi" shows the box, which has the model number GZCGQ01LM, same as the Mijia:

I have a Xiaomi GZCGQ01LM Lux sensor (model number is on the rear surface).

I have been using this driver for over a year with no issues:

oh-lalabs driver

My device page:

Did you let the unit sit for a few hours to see if it reported illuminance? Its been a long time but I seem to recall some delay in reporting illuminance.

Thanks for the replies. The code on the box says the same but still won't work. I've tried the drivers as suggested above and let sit for ages with no change. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm no expert but I've added about 25 various Xiaomi sensors without any issues (using custom drivers) so it's not like I'm a complete idiot (don't ask my wife that question). I ordered a Mijia to test and see if I still have the issues. Will wait for it to arrive from the east. Thanks for your help so far.

Have you tried @chirpy's driver from [RELEASE] Xiaomi Aqara Mijia Sensors and Switches Driver ?

BTW: where did you order the Mijia for and how much? These seem to be discontinued, and the only place I can find it is for $19.

I just purchase a couple of the Xiaomi Mi sensors from here -- Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor White buy and offers on Techinn

They are supposed to arrive in about a week. I will post an update once they arrive to let people know how the work out.

@AlanB How did things finally work out for you?


I gave up. Tried multiple drivers and numerous resets/pairing but still couldn't get the lux. I realised I had a spare hue motion/lux sensor so used that instead.

One last thing, when you changed drivers did you click configure after save?

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I'm pretty sure I did but can't remember exactly. One day I'll try again.

You could try the driver in this thread: