Does anyone having HomeKit issues with devices that have lux sensor capability?

Feedback wanted!

If you have devices that have extra lux sensor capability (as opposed to standalone lux sensor) exported to HomeKit, how well does it work? Is it stable? If not, does going to Advanced section of HomeKit integration, turning on Show accessory classes and characteristics, and removing Illuminance sensor in the Extras list have any impact?

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Added a couple of devices (4-in-1 from Inovelli and Hue Motion) and both work as expected. Should I still remove Illuminance as a test?

I added one of my Hue outdoor motion sensors with illuminance enabled and it’s working fine so far. I had them all added via Homebridge before, but had not added any to Homekit yet.
I just checked and it seems to be updating the lux correctly.

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No, if it works, it works. Thank you!

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Same here. Hue outdoor motion sensor with lux works perfectly so far.


I just noticed yesterday that 4 out of 5 of my sensors were showing 0.0001 lux
Checked again today and has "No Response" from everything, restarted the integration and now 1 of 5 sensors is showing 0.0001 lux, the rest seem to be correct.

Edit, now it’s 2 of 5

Both show 0 on the device page

One is a ZSE11 and the other is a ZSE40, both using custom drivers.

Is the integration doing any sort of math on these values? Just thinking this is possibly some sort of floating point math problem which I think Groovy has the same sorts of issues that Javascript does, unless you use type BigDecimal.

I have noticed some of the "Settings" on device pages will randomly pop to odd decimal values when you click into them, assuming a similar problem with floating point math/conversions.

Interesting… I thought I’d check mine as well and am also getting a not responding error:

Then I added some devices from the same hub (I only had the 2 sensors) and now it shows the values.

0.0001 lux is the minimal value that HomeKit accepts for the light level characteristic. No idea why zero is so bad. It's not a rounding error or a conversion issue.

They show "0 lux" when integrated through the Homebridge user app.

I haven’t noticed this with my Hue sensors. I think the minimum lux I have seen is 1, but not positive. I’ll add the rest of them to the app and see if it breaks anything.

My primary seems to be reporting correctly. I'll check the remainder and report back.

And sure enough, Home app doesn't break if 0 is passed, despite what documentation may say.
This will be in the next build.


Maybe they meant 0.0001 was the minimal non-zero value that was accepted? Cause you know, the difference between 0.0001 lux and 0.0002 is very critical for me to know. I may need to turn lights off its getting so bright in here.

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Just saw this post and checked mine - Fibaro Motion Sensor. It's set for Temperature and illuminance. The temperature reports correctly but there's also a message for the sensor saying 'no response'. When I click on that and then the 'Accessories 2'. it shows No Response for the illuminance