Does anyone have experience with Sonos One and Hubitat?

I'm looking for better sound (without streaming to my audio system).
Is the Sonos "Alexa" implementation work with Hubitat?


I have Sonos speakers (including several Play:1 pairs) that I use as the music output device for Alexa room groups. I also have them paired with the native Hubitat integration and use the node-sonos-http-api to further extend the playback and grouping control.

What mixture of Sonos, Hubitat, and Alexa functionality are you looking for?

My goal is simply better sound.

First thought is to replace my echo with the Sonos One (Gen2 I think might be best)

I have held off this long because having to have a Sonos account to run a speaker is just wrong. But except for maybe the Bose 300 Sonos is the best sound in the function range.

You don't have to pay a service fee to just operate your Sonos speakers, though you do need access to a music streaming service if you don't have a local file server for streaming your own digitized files. I use both- Spotify for internet streaming and my own Windows SMB share for a library of my own aac files.

I have heard anecdotally that the Alexa-equipped Sonos One speakers are a little bit less sensitive to voice control (meaning you may have to be louder or clearer to be heard) but work well otherwise.

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This was my other goal, however wasn't asked in this forum.

Can you tell me how you set this up? Or maybe a reference I can use?


It's really easy. You do it directly in the Sonos app by adding a network file share location to your Music Library, and then it will index the files based on file tags. Then you set a schedule for it to reindex that same share daily at a chosen time.

If you have a Windows machine, any shared folder will do. If you're wanting to share from a Linux or macOS device or a NAS, it's typically only a little bit more difficult, and you can find online tutorials that show how to enable the file share from your chosen host and environment.

Here's what it looks like in the Sonos S1 app. I assume it is similar in the new S2 app:

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Thank you.


Sorry, I'm late in coming to this thread. I do use Sonos One speakers for Alexa services and TTS. Works fine.

Also, I use SAMBA to export my music library to Sonos (instead of Windows) - this also works well.

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Download the Hubitat app