Does anybody have a working driver for the Quirky Overflow sensor?

I tried to use the driver posted by dbualur ( GitHub - dbgalur/dbgalur-hubitat: A Hubitat Driver for the Quirky Overflow water sensor )
This driver was originally for SmartThings I believe.

He and some other indicated that it worked with Hubitat hubs.

However, I saw null pointer errors in my log (the devices did pair though). While I'm not a groovy expert I dug thru the code and found what I believe was the incorrect coding (line 76 parameter should have been cluster not descMap)

I've gone thru the code and done a little cleanup (mostly formatting) and now I don't see the null pointer errors, but do see an error for :

2024-03-10 04:03:50.696 PM [error] hexBinary needs to be even-length: zclglobalsend-me-a-report10x200x203000600{01}

2024-03-10 03:59:35.779 PM [error] hexBinary needs to be even-length: herattr0x1776110x20

I've looked thru the code and can't find where the message would be coming from (there is no message like that in the code, nor any reference to a "hexBinary".

I've got my code forked from his at : GitHub - earlthesquirrel/Hubitat-Overflow: A Hubitat Driver for the Quirky Overflow water sensor

Latest code is there. Can anybody point me towards:

  1. How to enable logging. I set the flag where I thought it should be, but not seeing anything.
  2. Point me towards an existing water sensor drive that I could use as a baseline?

Thanks in advance,


p.s. I reached out to the original author and he has gotten rid of his Hubitat and moved to HA, and said he couldn't help.