Does Alfred Smart Lock work with Hubitat?

I’m new to home automation and had installed an Alfred Smart Lock DB2-B with z-wave. It works with SmartThings hub but it’s slow to update status of the lock and I had already run into cloud/network issue when setting it up. Alexa integration with SmartThings is a joke. Alexa keeps saying there is problem locking or unlocking while the lock is locking/unlocking fine. I think it’s a problem between SmartThings and Alexa.

I’m wondering if Alfred Smart Lock works with Hubitat so I can send back the SmartThings hub and get a Hubitat instead.

I have one and was working on a driver for it, however I didn't release it as this lock doesn't fully support lock codes (code usage is not reported), so I elected not to publish the driver until such time as the manufacture sorts this out.

I can publish a driver for it in the next release (2.1.4), however it won't include lock code support, lock/unlock ect all work fine...

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Thanks Mike! Have you contacted Alfred Inc. to get this sorted out? I've contacted Alfred Inc and they are very interested to see how the Alfred Smart Lock works on Hubitat platform. They seem eager to get this sorted.

Yes, I have been in contact with them and told them of the issue.
In fact their engineer contacted me today asking if we could test the lock without code support, which we can of course.
Aparently when they went to certify the lock the cert lab told them that they needed to not only report the master lock code over zwave, but also allow it to be deleted...
Well, doing that would pretty much brick the lock, so Alfred decided to not implement code support.
Of all the zwave locks I've worked with none of them allow this, so I have no idea what the issue is here...


I wondered how it was done and passed z-wave certification over at ST.

Hi Mike, have you heard back from Alfred on the testing?

They are certified as is (no lock code support), I have no idea what future plans regarding code support are.
It's not something I'm going to keep track of with them.

Any idea when it’d make it into the next release? I’m itching to try it.

It's looking grim but not out of the question for platform version 2.1.4...

Does this device driver work with the Alfred DB1 -C unit?

I added the device with no issue.

The Scheduled job "Refresh" remains pending indefinitely.

Lock/unlock does not function.

Firmware: DB1V2.01 Hardware V 1.3, Software V 2.01.025

I have time to return the lock if not supported by Hubitat. thanks.

Our driver was written for the DB2 unit, which is the device that Alfred decided to send to us for integration.

Thanks Mike. Alfred is on its way back to Amazon. I have my doubts Alfred Inc. will survive. There isn't many locks with Z wave plus and S2 security available.

True. Just want to point out that the Schlage Connect BE469ZP does support S2 security. However, AFAIK, Hubitat doesn't currently support S2 security.

Thanks aalyar. Eventually Hubitat will introduce the S2 security since new certified devices require it. I'm trying to buy only devices with Zwave plus and S2 whenever possible. I'm new to Z wave and only have one device considered legacy, not including the Hubitat. I might as well try a future proof for the next couple years before the next new innovation has us spending more money.


Hubitat isn't certified. :slight_smile: (Certification also, if I recall correctly, requires "Replace," which would be handy for anyone who's ever had to re-pair a Z-Wave device, but that's another story.)

Perhaps they will be some day, and perhaps they'll also introduce S2 some day regardless. My impression is that they are certainly not fans of S0, but S2 should resolve some of this.

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