Does Aeotec Energy Meter Gen5 work?

The supported list says yes, and to use the 'Aeon Home Energy Meter ' driver. I cant seem to get any response though . If i change the driver to the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 then i get power readings, but it doesnt update past clicking refresh.

Any ideas? When 1st discovered it just showed as 'Device'

  • deviceType: 2
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x32,0x56,0x60,0x8E,0x70,0x59,0x85,0x7A,0x73,0x98
  • outClusters: 0x5A
  • deviceId: 95
  • manufacturer: 134
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Try this driver Aeon HEM Gen5(zwave plus) ยท GitHub

I been using this driver for a year, the same posted above but already modified to work on HE

I can confirm that my friend got a new gen5 HEM and I installed this driver and his HEM is not updating as my 2 HEMs, I thinks it's a firmware change they did, I had to create a RM rule to refresh the device every x time, but I believe if you use the z wave configuration tool, changing some parameters will make it work, I didn't try this yet.

ok i will give that a try thanks

Can anyone tell me what you get / see with the Aeotec Gen5 and the out of the box configuration of Hubitate? For instance, could I see the max amperage (high level mark) used or would I have to code something to do that? Does the Hubitat give you any graphs or charts or anything or just current values?

Sorry, I don't mean to hijack this thread, this looked like a similar discussion, so I thought I would ask here.

This is what it shows using the driver I posted above, no graphics.

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Using a driver by @cuboy29 I get slightly different results (based on some of the settings) with my Aeotec Gen5 when monitoring the whole house:


Driver used:

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Thank you both @vjv and @billmeek !

It looks like the driver @billmeek used may have what I am after which is max amps. Though it's hard to be completely sure. I'll have to read more on that driver.

Thanks guys!

How hard is to graph this data?

I export it to InfluxDB using the MQTT driver [Beta] MQTT beta 3d (released 5th July)

The I graph into Grafana

I have the same energy meter, and I was wondering how you get the panel in the dashboard to show up correctly? Mine doesn't show current energy usage, it shows a total which still seems incorrect tbh. If I look at the logs I can see where it reports it as 1950 watts, but on the dashboard it shows up differently. When I add it in I had selected type as energy meter. Is there another type I should select?

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