Documenting my Smart Home

It’s got to that stage where my “smart home” has enough going on that I need to, through gritted teeth, start documenting my smart home.

I started off documenting all of the Zigbee and ZWave devices I had. One thing thats became a bit of a pain was that the zigbee and Zwave settings page doesn’t list attributes such as manufacturer and model meaning I had to click through to each device. to pull this info. It would be great to be able to display those attributes on the zigbee / zwave settings page in one place and even better if you could dump a listing of all devices to a csv.

I’m now starting to take on documenting my automations - is there a way natively or a community app to extract all of my rule machine rules?

Any general tips from others documenting their smart homes?


I did it once a while back. Pretty sure I pumped it from HE through MakerAPI to google sheets via a json import - been awhile or I'd hand over the code.
on 2nd thought - that was how I did the Battery monitor app.
On the inventory - it was even easier.
use a copy paste right off your hub devices webpage!

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It does look like Maker API may be your best bet. Admittedly you need to add the devices you want to document to the instance of Maker API, but once you do, you can get all(*) the details I expect you need from one URL on the Maker API app page:

(*) The only downside for what you are asking is that, even though the manufacturer is included in the results, it always appears to be null, at least on my hue lights / accessories paired directly to my HE hub.

You can also export rules from Rule Machine (or any app for that matter), but I can't say for sure whether there is any version limitations for RM.

You can open the top level RM app, click the Settings cog and choose export, choosing to export all rules in one file.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to quickly format this on Notepad++, but I wouldn't want to let that stop you investigating this further.