Has anyone created a PDF of the entire set of instructions/documentation? I learn better if I have a copy that I can mark up with lessons learned, additional questions, etc. I’ve put in a request to HE management, but I would be surprised if such a request got off the back burner, as I’m sure there are more pressing issues from their perspective. My thought is that something like that might lesson the steepness of the learning curve. Thanks.

No PDF but here's the full wiki: Hubitat Elevation Documentation - Hubitat Documentation

You could print each documentation page, either as a pdf or on paper, depending on how you prefer to markup.

I’ve tried using both Notes and Noteability on my iPad, but doing a copy/paste or an import function does not transfer the pages correctly.

I’m not sure if I’ve tried printing a webpage directly to pdf on an iPhone or iPad, but it’s easy in windows. Probably Mac OS too, if that’s more your thing.

Edit: there are many free apps that can merge multiple pdf files into one, as well.

I’ve used Noteability on my iPad for 3 or 4 years now and it has always worked to import an article into it. Once in and saved, I can highlight, mark up, etc. But, trying to do that with this documentation resulted in none of the images importing with the text. That’s why I tried copy and paste into notes; here, the images transferred correctly, but text was missing in several places.


Since it’s pretty easy to create a pdf from a webpage with widely available desktop OSes and browsers, I agree with you it’s unlikely hubitat staff will prioritize it.

On the left side of each page, there is a "Printable Version" link. By default, it will also try to pop up the Print dialog on your browser; you can ignore that, and if your browser doesn't take you to the print version of the page still, you can really just add &printable=yes to the end of the URL to display the print-friendly version of the page. This leaves out some elements on the page that may not transfer well to PDFs or printed media and might work better for any Notes-style app on your iPad, too. Just an idea!

That being said, while I understand that everyone learns differently, I'm not sure how useful printed documentation will be. Each firmware update adds or changes something, so what you see today may not be how it looks or works tomorrow. The online version will ideally always be up to date (though I am thinking back to that time it mentioned SMS for a couple months after it had been discontinued and the few people who actually read the documentation were confused). I'm sure you've considered this, but it's still worth mentioning.