Documentation on mobile app and presence

Can someone summarize the best way to use the mobile app as a presence device? I have five people with iphones, and would like to use them as presence devices.

Would all users install the app and use the same admin account? I currently have one account, was unclear if I make more. I looked through documentation looking for this (on the beta mobile app), but there really isn't a how to for mobile/presence. Thanks

If I remember right just log in with the same account and then press send geo event, that should create the presence device on your hub

Thanks, I got it working. The documentation is a little lacking in presence/mobile app setup.

Instructions on adding additional guest users can be found here: How to change accounts linked to your hub - Hubitat Documentation

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I have myself as the admin, and other users as guest. I set up a separate account for them.


Me too.

With the new beta versions of the mobile app, there’s a new “tools” menu that appears to allow for user management (to the hub portal/mobile app).

I haven’t checked whether my one guest user (my wife) has the same new tools menu in the hubitat app, once it’s upgraded to the newest beta.

It would be interesting to see (not ideal for guest users to have that access). I’ll have to check when she gets home from work.

My wife's account is setup as a guest account. She does see the User Management in the Tools menu, however adding or removing accounts will give an "Access denied." error as expected.

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