Documentation for developers

I'm an experienced developer, but with no experience of Smartthings development.

I couldn't find any specific Hubitat developer documentation, I assume because Hubitat is newish. From what I gather there is some compatibility with Smartthings Device Handler and SmartApp code. Is that correct?

What docs should I read to get up to speed?

And are there ways to debug code using Eclipse/IntelliJ?


Reading up on their dev documentation is a great place to start.

Not worth the trouble in my opinion. While I use intellij for hub code development, I write drivers and applications using our built in code editor, as does the remainder of the engineering staff.

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One year later:
This is my first day and I don't know where to start.

Still no introductory documentation, one 'official' example app that throws errors when you try to save it, and the most comprehensive source of any info is the biggest competitor, but some of that info doesn't apply but there's no way to tell...

Writing code for Hubitat should be fun and easy for someone who has been programming since childhood, but something tells me that this is going to be more work than fun and the searching due to a dearth of centralized documentation and trial and error will turn off more new users than it'll keep.

I'll give it the old college try but my first impression is that learning the nuances of this system will be more of a PITA than it's worth.

I'm an experienced ST developer with loads of custom device handlers. Recently discovered Hubitat, but concerned that the developer documentation is still very lite...!

Is there a guide to porting ST apps and DHTs over? What are the key platform differences I should know about?

@codersaur it may be as simple as this post.

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@codersaur - the thread that @zarthan linked to is a great place to start (and it is a WiKi post that you can edit/add to, if you discover some more differences along the way!)

You also have an entire community of developers that are willing to shared what we've learned about migrating code from ST to Hubitat over the past 1.5 years. Please don't hesitate to ask! :wink:


@codersaur, great to see you on this side of the fence. As @ogiewon mentioned, Hubitat is filled with devs who were previously on ST that would be more than happy to assist. You will also find that the HE team is very involved in the forums and usually provide any higher level answers you may need.

Welcome to Hubitat!

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