Documentation bug report

While readding devices - after the device is discovered user is prompted "give this device a name'. The value entered is actually being put in Device Label.

If you're talking about, these actually do say that the "name" you provide goes into the Label field. This is what most people would want, since the label is used as the display name if present. I'd say, then, that "name" in this UI prpmpt just being used in the loose sense, but perhaps @gopher.ny (I think this is him?) could see if the team likes "label" instead, though I could see this going either way.


appreciate your depth of knowledge. Recently Hubitat Android Dashboard app has implemented the ability to seperate the two and use them - which has opened a lot more - i'm just sensitive to the difference now. Label and name really seem similar, and I can imagine two people each choosing a different one as their main/important uh... moniker - I always feel that if you saying you put something into a box with a label, you call it that boxes name just for the accuracy of it. I would vote to change the description line to say 'give this device a label'. and now we'll watch the arguement pro/con ensue...

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