[DOCS] Typo in 'Custom Motion Lights' app Groovy code

Looks like a minor typo in the "Custom Motion Lights" tutorial app on its Docs2 page.

LINE 12:
input name: "motionSensor", type: "capability.motionSensor", title: "When lights are detected on...", required: true

should probably read:
input name: "motionSensor", type: "capability.motionSensor", title: "When motion is detected on...", required: true


Indeed, one of those "writing a word you're thinking about instead of what you actually mean" kind of things. :slight_smile: Fixed now, thanks!


Similarly, on this page of Driver Overview | Hubitat Documentation, I notice a few spots where reference is made to an "app" (orange underlines) when discussing a "driver":

This section was probably originally copied from:

Also, on same page, further down:

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That is exactly how that came to be. :slight_smile: I believe these have been updated now. Thanks!


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