Do Z-Wave Locks report if they're online?

I'm using the Maker API to connect to Z-Wave lock devices. Is there any indication in the Maker API that a device is offline? It seems like from testing the only way to know is to detect if commands like lock or setCode have no effect.

EDIT: I just noticed that offline devices don't emit battery events. Does Hubitat check on the battery status at a regular interval? That could prove useful.

Why - and how are you using Maker API for Z-Wave devices? Devices offline of course can't send battery events. They are offline. Battery reporting is dependent on the device to send a battery report. Some do, some don't, and some do but very poorly.

Thanks for the quick response. We're using Maker to set codes and lock/unlock door locks.

Are these locks on Hubitat? What is the model?

These locks would be connected to a hubitat hub. We're specifically using the Yale YDM723-Z7 Smart Module, but would love to be able to support more.

I see they are not on the "official" compatibility list, but that doesn't mean they will not work. Have you connected them to Hubitat yet? If so, what device driver are you using? THere is a generic zwave lock driver that exposes at least the lock and unlock options that can then be used in Rule Machine, or other apps. I'm not sure if the built-in Lock Code Manager works for this lock or not. I'm not seeing how Maker API comes into play.

Locks will report battery. What you can do is install Device Activity Check and that can monitor your locks (and any device). I recommend setting it for every 15 hours as that should give everything time to respond. You can then set a message at a particular time to notify you if infact a device is offline.

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Have you tried to pair that directly to your Hub yet?? It's a Z-wave module. I'd be willing to bet It will likely connect via the generic Zwave lock driver. No reason to add the additional step of maker API if you don't need to

I think I ought to explain what we're doing a little better.

These locks will be connected to a hubitat hub. We'd like our customer to be able to mange the locks remotely using maker api.

So, in retrospect this is less of a Maker API Question. Just wanted to know how to check if the device is online/offline.

This looks interesting! Does it do webhooks?

I'm sure it can be done. I don't have the programming knowledge.... The API is open and all you need are your keys

Device activity check....

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I meant to respond to someone else, my bad. Thanks again for the tip!

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