Do You Use Smart PadLocks?


We're updating our physical security, so I've been diving into Recommend a Smart Lock?. I just added padlocks to the gates to our backyard and will do the same to my shed (garage door) once it's been replaced.

Has anyone used a Smart Padlock? The options Google is showing me don't look too promising...


I have Klic Locks. They are very limited. You need to physically press a button to wake them up.


All the "smart" padlocks that I've seen either have bio-metrics or Bluetooth. Nothing that would interface with a Smart Home hub like Hubitat. The Bluetooth ones you might be able to control using Tasker on an old Android phone to interface with one of those but it might not be very reliable.


Smart PadLocks would be a great idea to integrate for Hubitat. But it looks like there isn't any.

What do you think of this unit:


Or how about these from Tapplock:


Sadly neither supports Z-Wave or Zigbee and HE doesn't (will never?) support Bluetooth. Guessing we won't see a true Smart Padlock for awhile if ever. I'll be looking at what others have done with their garages for my shed.