Do you use any Cobra apps


I’m looking for some direction here.

I have a number of apps that I have released over the past few months but one thing that never gets mentioned is:
Does anyone use any of them?

Although I am normally very receptive of bug reports, ideas and suggestion, I’m often torn on which apps I should retire or continue developing.

So, how about you help me out and let me know what is being used and what is not?
The link to Message Central on my github account has been clicked 64 times
Is that 63 curious people and one user? :slight_smile:

Ok... I’d really appreciate a few clicks on my anonymous survey of apps being used...
So, do you use any of these?

  • Message Central
  • Presence Central
  • Weather Switch
  • One 2 Many
  • Switch Central
  • Irrigation Switch
  • Other (please tell me which)

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Thanks for your help



I use average all in addition to the options and super smart fan


Average All/ temperature has been working great for me and plan on expanding to humidity. Just started playing with Message Central and like what I see so far. In the future I intend to use Weather Switch and One 2Many. Just don’t have enough time at home to do what I want, when I want. :smile:

Btw, I really appreciate your version check system!


I use both Average All and Weather Switch. Average all takes a few Wireless Tags and drives my house fan during warm summer nights. Weather Switch takes my outside weather station and manages two virtual switches (High and Low Forecast) to also drive the house fan and a couple of rules telling me the when to close the windows in the morning and open them up in the afternoon.

Outstanding products and just a lot of fun helping to make them better!


I knew I forgot something on this one..

Average All should have been on the list :slight_smile:



Temperature seems to have been fine from the start (I use it extensively)
Illumination has had a few problems though.. working on it

I'm releasing a new version soon with a new driver that combines all three into one device.



Average All working great for me.


@Geoff_T are you using if just for temperature?



New version of Average All released today.
Along with a new consolidated driver.



At the moment, yes.


I wanted to your message central. When I installed I ran into a few issues. I posted about them but not sure if they were ever resolved or not.


Average All/ temperature has just been installed and seems to be working great.


I think this says a lot:


This made me smile this morning.
Thank you! :slight_smile:



Hey @Cobra I know it might be more than you're looking to do but I'm looking through your catalog and some things sound interesting but I don't know all of what they do.
Is there a place were you've written out descriptions for what they all do?


Coming soon.. to a website near you! :slight_smile:

In the meantime.. there are release threads for a lot of them on this forum.
Just do a search for any you are interested in



Sounds like work... lol
I'll take a look around.

Just happy to see the initiatives you've been taking, so I want to see if any of your apps maybe could replace my cobbled together rules.


There are still a couple I haven’t released yet but I’m working on it.


I am using the Temperature Controlled Single Speed Fan app. It works great and was just what I needed. I have 3 fans around the house and a small gable fan in my shed that I use this app for.


Using: Avg All, Message Central, Flasher, and Presence Central