Do Scenes refresh hourly or anything like that .. even when not used and off?

I think this is a Scenes question, but not sure. I have Sylvania Smart+ ZigBee Full Color BR30 LED bulbs that have been in use for years. I'm using the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light device type. One of them just came on with no one touching a switch or button, and no rule turned it on. In fact, on the device page, it says the device is off. There are no events around that time in the device logs but I do see events corresponding to times earlier when they would have been commanded on or off as expected.

Looking at the logs, I see that these lights are getting "refreshed" once an hour, but I have no idea what is triggering that. Nothing in the logs to indicate why they are doing it. The only thing I can think of is that these lights are part of Scenes that I rarely use and definitely haven't been using today.

Is there something in Scenes that automatically refreshes periodically? Even with the lights off? Any other ideas?

Bring up the actual devices on the device page and select the Events tab. That should give you an idea of the rule that is making the change assuming it's coming from the hub and not the cloud like Alexa or something.

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As I said ..

The last event in the device log was when it was turned off last night.

Okay you pasted regular log so I was making sure it looked okay in the Device Events log as well. Strange indeed.

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Well, none of the four bulbs has come on without explanation since, but the info logging continues. As many times as I look at the logs, I can't believe it has always done this and I never noticed.

Putting the bulb coming on issue aside, I suppose this could be just a driver behaviour to report this Info to the logs hourly, and that no communication to or from the bulb is actually occurring. Weird.

Just wondering. Do you have an Amazon echo? Running Alexa routines (etc.)?

Alternatively, do you use Google home or Apple Homekit?

Yes to Alexa devices, but I do not have hunches enabled, nor do any routines involve these bulbs directly.

Meanwhile, I discovered that if I cut power to the bulbs, the hourly logging stops. But when power is restored, they begin again. So either the bulbs are doing something to initiate the update, or the driver is doing the update but only if it can communicate with the bulb.

This issue has several layers, but one that I may not have emphasized is that there are four identical bulbs in the room, two to each dumb switch. This issue is only occurring with two of the bulbs (one on each dumb switch). All use the same driver (Generic ZigBee RGBW Light).

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